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I offer Integrated Healing Kinesiology which is a combination of Kinesiology, Energy Work, Reiki, Life Coaching, NLP and EFT.

Appointments are available in Bristol UK, just off Whiteladies Road in Cotham, and in Brislington. I also have appointments in the city of Bath and via Skype for those further afield.

I can support you in finding balance within yourself and in your life. Are you ready?


Tabitha Gale ~ Kinesiology & Healing in Bristol

Celebrating 10 years in practice ♥


Are you caught in the stress cycle?

5 Reasons to try kinesiology

Be Centred & Aligned



Please enjoy reading more about Kinesiology , Integrated Healing , Touch for Health and Reiki Healing on my website. More about these modalities can also be found on my blog.

Gentle natural healthcare ~ for positive change

The way I work is best described as ‘transformational bodywork’ as we are consciously exploring what will best support you whilst working with and changing the energy around it, which can be very powerful.

Do you value your health and well-being? So often it is not until something goes wrong with our health, or a situation gets too much that we seek to make it better.

We all go through challenges at different times during our lives with our health, relationships, home life, career, whilst studying or otherwise, and sometimes we have longer term health issues which we need extra support in managing.

If you are a sensitive soul you are especially welcome here.

Why not take action to restore your well-being and feel balanced today? In sessions you can focus on the things that are important to you and make empowering choices.

Feel free to contact me for an initial chat and more information, without obligation.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Tabitha Kinesiology Bristol

Be balanced mentally, emotionally, energetically and free your potential

‘The kinesiology treatments and healing have been most helpful in many areas of my life including releasing issues from the past, adopting a healthier diet, developing confidence in public speaking and embracing change. Tabitha is very calming and encouraging and I always feel more positive after a treatment.’  AJ Wells (releasing stress and developing confidence)

‘My first appointment with Tabitha was a breath of fresh air and just what I needed, we were able to focus on some small goals mentally, emotionally and physically.
These appointments have proven so valuable to me personally and I finally feel that I am returning to myself.

I am stronger and more focused at work and in my personal life. I really do urge anyone who is struggling with any aspect of life or emotional battle to try Kinesiology with Tabitha. Her gentle calming approach is brilliant.’ KM Southville (stress, recovery from injury and life changes)

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