5 Reasons to try Integrated Healing

One ~ Emotional Equilibrium

  • Safely release negative emotions with Integrated Healing
  • Experience increased feelings of calm, well-being and happiness
  • Learn to manage your emotions well

Two ~ Pin Point Energetic Blocks

  • Access whole energetic hologram including chakras, meridians, dantians and more
  • Feedback from gentle muscle-monitoring indicates imbalances
  • Safely release energetic attachments, ties, and other energy ‘gunk’ that’s not serving you
  • Align your energy with what you want / your life purpose

Three ~ Transform Unhelpful Beliefs

  • Awareness of what needs to change and how
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping on meridians to transform old beliefs and behaviours
  • Energy healing (Reiki) to clear old energy patterns from the body and aura
  • Gently release emotional stress from the past, present or even the future (eg apprehension about future events)

Four ~ Self Discovery and Empowerment

  • Sessions allow for self awareness and realisations, helping you get clarity
  • Self help techniques to use in between sessions and beyond
  • Make conscious choices about yourself and your life, rather than following old ‘programming’ and energy patterns
  • Align your energy with what you want and be the best version of yourself, with love and acceptance

Five ~ Sensitive People & Empaths

  • Experience being more centred in your body
  • Learn techniques to be centred and calm with different people and situations
  • Embrace your sensitivity and begin using your intuition as a loving guide
  • Energetic protection ~ staying in your own energy rather than being knocked off balance
  • Sensitive people sense energy and are brilliant at managing it, once they know how

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