Are you listening to your intuition?

Are you listening to your intuition? Intuition – we all have it. Are you listening to yours? How often do we have a hunch about something or someone, only to let our mind talk us out of it? Allowing our intuition to lead the way can feel scary at first, as if we are no Continue reading »

Be Free of Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural human emotion, but sometimes it can get out of balance and take over, restricting us like a cloud hanging over our lives. Have you considered that you can be free of anxiety? A build up of stress and the emotions held from stressful events can be released. Anxiety is a learnt Continue reading »

Kinesiology in Bath

Kinesiology in Bath Very Excited to be joining The Practice Rooms in Bath this month. I love Bath! Day time and early evening appointments are available at the beautiful rooms, located at 26 Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RH, next door to Soho Coffee . Kinesiology is a gentle modality that can support us in many ways. Are Continue reading »

Reiki & Spiritual Development

Reiki can support our Spiritual Development Reiki is non-denominational; it is not restricted to a particular religion or faith. All beliefs are welcome without judgement. There is no ‘one path’. The path can be discovered within yourself. How Reiki has supported my spiritual journey I wanted to learn Reiki to help other people. I wasn’t prepared Continue reading »

5 Reasons to try Integrated Healing

One ~ Emotional Equilibrium Safely release negative emotions with Integrated Healing Experience increased feelings of calm, well-being and happiness Learn to manage your emotions well Two ~ Pin Point Energetic Blocks Access whole energetic hologram including chakras, meridians, dantians and more Feedback from gentle muscle-monitoring indicates imbalances Safely release energetic attachments, ties, and other energy Continue reading »

Kinesiology & Reiki in Brislington

Delighted to announce that I will be available for appointments in Brislington, South Bristol from next week, working from the Chinese Medicine Centre on Sandy Park Road. Located just past Paintworks / Bocobar, the clinic is a 5 minute drive from Southville, Bedminster, Windmill Hill and Totterdown. It is on the Number 1 bus route Continue reading »

Reiki and Fertility

Reiki re-balances the body’s energy and gives us an energy boost. It can therefore help improve our health and well-being. It works by boosting the immune system and supporting the body’s own healing abilities. Sessions increase feelings of relaxation and well-being which helps us let go of unhelpful emotions, worry and stress. Reiki and Fertility Continue reading »

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Bristol

Emotional Freedom Technique (often known as Tapping or EFT Tapping) is a transformative stand-alone healing tool. It has been called an emotional version of acupuncture, as we gently tap the ends of the meridians in a sequence, to work quickly and effectively through uncomfortable emotions and replace them with positive ones. I also combine EFT with Kinesiology Continue reading »

Healing Circle & Meditation Saturday 3rd December

Healing Circle & Meditation on Saturday 3rd December at 2pm.  At The Practice Rooms, 39 Cotham Hill, Bristol. Many of us are feeling ungrounded and uncertain in these changing and challenging times. Join us in stillness at one of the busiest times of the year to receive Reiki healing and be guided in a relaxing Continue reading »

Caught in the Stress Cycle?

Are you caught in the stress cycle? Some of the signs you might be stressed are Feeling overwhelmed Hyper-vigilance (being over sensitive to triggers /anxious/ on edge) Feeling anxious / under pressure even when no longer in a stressful situation Fatigue / tired all the time Loss of appetite / over eating Easily irritated / Continue reading »