Healing Tuning Forks

My kinesiology tool kit includes a set of Healing Tuning Forks. I love using these! Nature is a Healer When was the last time you went for a walk in the woods or park? Walking is a good way to clear our heads, get exercise, fresh air and connect fully with the energies of Earth, Continue reading »

Kinesiology in Bath

Kinesiology in Bath Kinesiology in Bath with Tabitha Gale, Integrated Healer and Reiki Master. Appointments are available at The Practice Rooms central Bath, at 26 Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RH. Integrated Healing is a modality that incorporates Kinesiology muscle testing (a natural feedback response directly from your body’s wisdom), Reiki Healing, Life Coaching, NLP and incorporates gentle stress release techniques such as Continue reading »

Kinesiology Muscle Testing

Have you wondered how effective feedback from Kinesiology muscle testing is? An experienced kinesiology practitioner will be able to use muscle testing to communicate with not just the body but the whole person, mind body and spirit. Not all of our bodys wisdom is available through the conscious mind, but it can be made available, Continue reading »

Kinesiology Blog Award

Delighted to have been awarded the Top 40 Kinesiology Blog Award Thanks guys!   You can join my mailing list to receive my monthly blog, giving you access to self care tips andkinesiology techniques on how to stay calm, centred and balanced. If you are a Sensitive Soul you are especially welcome here. Read more about Continue reading »

Sabotage Programmes

Do you sabotage yourself? Do you have a negative pattern sabotaging your health or happiness? Maybe there are important things you want to do but you can’t stop procrastinating? Do you feel like you are getting in your own way? Sabotage Programmes Sabotage programmes are ‘set up’ at times when we unconsciously think we need Continue reading »

Winter ~ Time for Rest & Renewal

Winter is a time for rest, recuperation and renewal. In this, the first week of January we are still in Winter, a time when there is little light or warmth from the sun. Winter is a time of rest and hibernation, of waiting for the light to return. Just like seeds that wait silently in Continue reading »

Clear Your Energy

Why is it important to clear your energy? As an Integrated Healer and Reiki Master I have been working with clients, as well as clearing my own energy, for a number of years and have discovered the following The kinds of stuck energy people can be carrying The ways in which these energies can be Continue reading »

Are you listening to your intuition?

Are you listening to your intuition? Intuition – we all have it. Are you listening to yours? How often do we have a hunch about something or someone, only to let our mind talk us out of it? Allowing our intuition to lead the way can feel scary at first, as if we are no Continue reading »

Be Free of Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural human emotion, but sometimes it can get out of balance and take over, restricting us like a cloud hanging over our lives. Have you considered that you can be free of anxiety? A build up of stress and the emotions held from stressful events can be released. Anxiety is a learnt Continue reading »

Reiki & Spiritual Development

Reiki can support our Spiritual Development Reiki is non-denominational; it is not restricted to a particular religion or faith. All beliefs are welcome without judgement. There is no ‘one path’. The path can be discovered within yourself. How Reiki has supported my spiritual journey I wanted to learn Reiki to help other people. I wasn’t prepared Continue reading »