What Clients Say

Thank you for your help. It really has had noticeable benefits. I have lost some weight, more energised and contented in my own skin. Others have noticed it too. It is remarkable yo can do this over distance, so effectively x

Text received after block of 4 Skype sessions 2017.

SM (female) Confidence / Energy / Weight Loss

Dear Tabitha ,

I just really wanted to email and say a massive big heart filled thank you for helping me feel the way I do today.

S. W. / Emotional Wellbeing / Relationship

Tabitha has really helped me re-balance myself. I am a busy individual and often struggle on my own to create a happy work/life balance.

I'm self employed and love what I do so it's easy to drive myself into the ground. Tabitha is like a self care assistant reminding you to prune and nourish yourself for the long haul. It's half counselling and half healing. Good for the mind, body and soul.

I really suffer with a heavy menstrual cycle. Tabitha has worked wonders with healing but also simple lifestyle changes through her suggestions have had a great impact on my health and wellbeing with fabulous tips for managing anxiety and stress thrown in. She really is super!

MB Bristol Stress / Heavy Periods

I have been having integrated healing sessions with Tabitha for almost a year, a year which has in parts been very challenging in terms of career and personal circumstances.

Tabitha's grounded, empathetic and kind nature has been fundamental to establishing the trust needed for deep energy and emotional balance during times of challenge and it has enabled deeper understanding of how to make positive change within the 'flow' times, when life has been settled and less stressful.

My most recent balance was very powerful and explored emotions and energy which were deeply hidden and unexpected. While I am still working my way through the balance, the healing sessions have enabled greater understanding & Tabitha has provided valuable tools and insight to assist moving forward positively.

I will continue to work with Tabitha and I highly recommend her ability to develop the trust of her clients and to support, challenge and facilitate effective intentions and positive change. Many thanks Tabitha!


I began Kinesiology sessions with Tabitha following some personal and professional challenges in early 2016. My underlying mood had been reduced to a combination of anxiety, frustration and overwhelm.

I had already tried a number of therapies, conventional and alternative over several months without any meaningful or even noticeable change when a friend suggested Kinesiology.

For me, the sessions were the start of a process I found practical and intuitive, the very opposite of what I expected Kinesiology to be. I’m of the belief, we’ll make life changes for one of two reasons, inspiration or desperation and I definitely wasn’t in the former prior to my first visit.

With the techniques Tabitha uses during the sessions and applying other principles in everyday situations, I was able to dissipate the frustration and overwhelm and return to a much calmer, less reactive state, which continues to serve me. A few welcome knock-on effects have been a regular sleep pattern, improved concentration and being able to ditch the Antacids. Overall well-being, considerably improved.

I’m sure there isn’t any typical advocate of Kinesiology, although I can safely say prior to 2016, I wasn’t one. Learning to appreciate how something so subtle can also be so powerful has been just as important for me. I run two successful companies and co-own a 3rd; I serve on two separate Boards as a Trustee and Treasurer and also volunteer for a local non-profit, so wasn’t very familiar with subtle.

Kinesiology can be for anyone. I think it important to acknowledge too, midway through the sessions, I was invited to deliver a keynote speech to around 300 people and public speaking isn’t my thing. Tabitha’s pragmatic approach, tips and moral support played a huge part in settling those nerves, prior to and on the day.

I’m pleased and indebted to say the talk was well received.

Eternally grateful,

ATR, London - rebalanced & unstuck.


I saw Tabitha because I was sleeping badly and generally feeling unwell - low energy, irritable, emotional, clumsy etc etc. Having been to the doctors and had the plethora of blood tests which all came back clear, I sought alternative therapy.

Tabitha performed kinesiology and after three sessions, I feel so much better, like myself again. The first session was particularly powerful with some real deep seated emotional issue (which I'd not really been aware of) coming up and being healed.

The feeling of the healing was wonderful and I felt so light and calm afterwards. I slept brilliantly that night.

Tabitha is very personable, warm and welcoming. She explains how the treatment will work and undertakes a very thorough history / treatment goals session before starting the treatment to understand your medical history and what the issue is that needs attention.

I would certainly recommend Tabitha - in fact I'll probably go back for periodic top ups even if I'm feeling ok because I feel so good after the sessions.

Clare ~ Sleep Issues & Energy Levels

Truly Inspirational!

I have been visiting Tabitha for around 6 months now, I cannot recommend her enough. If you are considering an appointment all I can say is book it, the results are simply amazing.

Tabitha has a wonderful way of just knowing what you need right there and then.

Her gentle personality makes you feel very relaxed and at ease. I highly recommend these sessions, I find them priceless and wouldn't be without them.

After a difficult couple of years and some hard changes at work to face, my sessions with Tabitha have made me so much stronger and able to move forward with my life.


Tabitha has a very gentle and reassuring manner that puts you at ease immediately.

Her Reiki sessions are very relaxing and give you an great sense of well-being.

Since having Reiki and Kinesiology sessions with Tabitha I have felt calmer and more confident in dealing with personal problems.


I have had Reiki sessions with Tabitha for over 2 years, initially to help as a short term solution for a situation I was in.

I felt the sessions to be so beneficial that I continued going to see her after the initial problem was being dealt with. The Reiki sessions give me the tools to cope with challenging day to day work and life situations moving forward.

I would highly recommend Tabitha and her Reiki practice to anyone suffering from issues in their lives, which require a bit of extra help without the use of traditional prescribed medicine.


I contacted Tabitha about kinesiology because I'd been feeling stuck and wanted to make changes. At the time I was in a situation that I knew was making me unhappy but couldn't work out how to change the situation. I felt weighed down by negative emotions that I'd been carrying for a long time.

From the first appointment I felt more emotionally balanced and able to draw on my own strength with a lightness to move on and make changes. Over the next couple of months focussing on my goals really helped me to think about what I really wanted and needed and has given me the confidence to tune into my intuition and follow my heart.

I made some important changes and wholeheartedly believe that working with Tabitha during this difficult period supported that change.

Tabitha's approach is gentle, intuitive and empowering. I now feel a strength to face challenges, which is an incredible gift to myself and I wholeheartedly thank Tabitha for helping me to discover that.

L, Bristol

I have been engaged in extensive personal and spiritual renovation for the past 15 years, using everything from deep-tissue massage to traditional Chinese medicine to Amazonian shamanism, but in the autumn of 2013 I found myself stuck physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I went to Tabitha not knowing what to expect, and was immediately impressed with the power of her techniques.

In just a few short months, I’ve seen major shifts in my consciousness, including beginning to tame a nearly lifelong eating disorder. This is the first time I’ve experienced a therapy that I didn’t immediately try to analyse to death, maybe as a result of its effects on my system.

I can heartily recommend Tabitha’s work to anyone ready and willing to change at a deep level.

JA Bristol

I have always been a fairly strong and positive person, but after having a year off work due to a serious injury being on copious amounts of Morphine, a major operation whilst dealing with a house move and a break up of a relationship, returning to work was more difficult than I expected.

My first appointment with Tabitha was a breath of fresh air and just what I needed, we were able to focus on some small goals mentally, emotionally and physically.
These appointments have proven so valuable to me personally and I finally feel that I am returning to myself.

I am stronger and more focused at work and in my personal life. I really do urge anyone who is struggling with any aspect of life or emotional battle to try Kinesiology with Tabitha. Her gentle calming approach is brilliant.

KM Southville

It (kinesiology) has been beneficial in many ways; helping me to relax after a nasty shock, to become more focused on important personal issues, as well as helping the healing process of an imflamed hip socket!

SG - Bristol

I experienced three sessions of Kinesiology with Tabitha. At first I was skeptical and came home on the first evening thinking that sure, I was relaxed and it was a nice experience, but I wasn't convinced that this treatment would be of any real benefit. The next day I seriously felt better than I had in years. I felt more together physically, I had more energy, my confidence had increased and, well, I just sort of felt happier. The following two sessions taught me techniques to follow and I feel that I can move forward in a positive and healthy way. I will definitely go again when needed.

LJ - Bristol

I found myself much more stable and aware about my decisions. My anxiety and panic attacks are over. Slowly I'm getting my strength back.

RP - Student, Hotwells

The kinesiology treatments and healing have been most helpful in many areas of my life including releasing issues from the past, adopting a healthier diet, developing confidence in public speaking and embracing change. Tabitha is very calming and encouraging and I always feel more positive after a treatment.

AJ - Wells

Thank you SO much for yesterday! It was so great to be with like-minded people and I swear, I felt so much stronger at work today - I just felt better, more myself, and I felt really stable

DW (Workshop for sensitive people 2011)

I feel great! I love kinesiology - it has helped me far more than other therapies.

AR - Bristol

Hi Tabitha, Thanks SO much for an amazing kinesiology session today. Every session is always so healing and energising, I really appreciate every balance and your work has had a really big and positive impact on many areas of my life.

JN - Bristol

Thanks again Tabitha. Just floated around Asda! (just after an Integrated healing session) Never felt so Zen in Asda before!

VR - Bristol

The stresses of everyday life had left me feeling all out of sorts both mentally and physically. Tabitha left me feeling centred, grounded and perfectly balanced – ready to take on another day.

IW - Chiropractor, Horfield

I felt emotionally stronger and calmer to deal with situations - more focused and prepared when faced with difficult situations. Tabitha has a very friendly and gentle approach, I'm very comfortable in her presence.

CS - Bristol

Everything is going along well..and I do thank you for the brilliant healing you have given me..it really has made a difference and given me energy to deal with what I find in my life.

LL - Reiki Master, Ashton