Integrated Healing & Reiki On-line

Clear your energy blocks and find clarity to move forward with calm and confidence.

I.H. sessions are a combination of kinesiology, reiki healing, life coaching and EFT.

How do sessions work on-line?

Reiki healing can be received instantly, even though we are not in the same room. This is called Remote or Distance Healing.

Kinesiology and EFT Tapping techniques can easily be shared on-line, as I demonstrate and we do them together.

Sessions are solution focused, as we work towards your personal vision and goals, uncovering and clearing the blocks that are holding you back in mind, body & spirit.

I also have access to sources of information and tools, including 25 decks of Angel / cards decks for further insight and guidance.

Thank you for your help. It really has had noticeable benefits. I have lost some weight, feel more energised and contented in my own skin. Others have noticed it too. It is remarkable you can do this over distance, so effectively. SM (female)

SM Newbury

Confidence / Energy / Weight Loss.
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I will be connecting with you from my peaceful home, in the high vibrations of the natural world, where the energy is clean and clear. Ideal for healing and energy work!

Restore emotional balance and be supported in reaching your goals

Are you ready to clear away fear, manage your feelings and fully become the person you were born to be?

I can help you to ~

Tap into your inner wisdom and intuition to gain insights and clarity

Learn personalised healing tools to master you energy and emotions and create lasting change

Offer you support, guidance and encouragement, based on my 13 years of experience

Wouldn't it be great to just be able to be yourself and feel relaxed?

I believe you can!

There was a time when I thought this would never be possible for me, but I was wrong.

Read my story here.

During a session you may experience:

Increased sense of well-being and peace of mind

Feeling centred and relaxed in your body

Calm and at peace with yourself

Intuitive insights / clarity

Feelings of lightness and release

Feeling balanced and ‘whole’

A deepened sense of self

Confidence in the changes you are making

Unable to remember how bad you felt about something!

Letting go of old beliefs / seeing things in a different light

Getting a more helpful perspective

Feeling things are possible for you

Emotional Freedom Technique is a meridian therapy that uses gentle tapping, mainly on the face and fingers tips (where the ends of the meridians are), to clear energetic imbalances relative to issues presented by the client.

With EFT we can clear energetic blocks and transform unhelpful emotions, limiting beliefs and a whole lot more. Results can be fast, as EFT allows many layers of a problem to be cleared in a short space of time.

8 week package £480 (free in depth case history and consultation).

4 week package £240 (free in depth case history and consultation).

Initial session of 1.5 hours with in depth case history and consultation £75. Follow up sessions of 1 hour £60.

Are you ready to feel better and start thriving? Contact me to get your questions answered and to see if we are a good fit to work together.


Contact me to arrange an initial chat 07989 376656

As a result of my personal life experiences and over a decade of working with clients, I have accumulated life changing tools for transformation, that can steer you safely through stressful, emotional times.

I recovered from an anxiety disorder in my twenty's and continue to manage my emotions and energy well.

Around the same time, as a result of receiving kinesiology (balancing and clearing my body, mind and spirit of stress), I experienced a spiritual awakening and began to sense subtle energies in and around myself. I learned to release old energy patterns from my being.

I am confident you too, can make positive changes, relax into being yourself and live a life you love.

Dear Tabitha
I just really wanted to email and say a massive big heart filled thank you for helping me feel the way I do today!

S. W.

(Emotional Well-being / Relationship)

CP - Bristol