Kinesiology, Reiki & EFT via Skype

Kinesiology & Reiki via Skype

Gentle kinesiology techniques, Reiki or EFT Tapping may be worked with, as appropriate.

Integrated Healing & Reiki

Clear your energy blocks and find clarity to support you in moving forward. Remote Healing can be received instantly, even though we are not in the same room.

By connecting with your energy field I can pin point corrections, healing or information that is essentially being chosen by you! Similar to kinesiology muscle testing, I use my fingers as a feedback mechanism. I work with scan lists full of physical / emotional / energetic corrections and have all my books and resources  to hand.

Thank you for your help. It really has had noticeable benefits. I have lost some weight, more energised and contented in my own skin. Others have noticed it too. It is remarkable you can do this over distance, so effectively. SM  (female)

A block of 4 Skype sessions for Confidence / Energy / Weight Loss.

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a meridian therapy that uses gentle tapping, mainly on the face and fingers tips

(where the ends of the meridians are), to clear energetic imbalances relative to issues presented by the client.

With EFT we can clear energetic blocks and transform unhelpful emotions, limiting beliefs and a whole lot more!

Not living in Bristol UK or rather stay in the comfort of your own home?

A Skype appointment could be the perfect solution to restore emotional balance and be supported in reaching your goals.

Bristol Kinesiology

Restore natural balance and be supported in reaching your goals

Maybe there is a reason you cannot leave home, such as agoraphobia, or perhaps you simply prefer to stay in the comfort of your own home?

I can help with:

  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Making positive life changes
  • Managing better going forward
  • Feeling centred and relaxed in your body
  • Harmonising and re-balancing your energy

Energy work can include:

  • Gentle emotional stress release for unwanted emotions. This could be a current situation or a memory
  • Clearing and protecting your energy field of negative influences
  • Chakra balancing / working with meridians (energy pathways) / releasing energy blockages that are holding you back
  • Techniques to center, ground and stabilise your energy
  • Techniques to switch on your energy for vitality and focus
  • Information in the form of cards / books / scanlists for clarity and self awareness

Kinesiology, Reiki & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) provide gentle, effective techniques to feel better and start experiencing life in a more positive way.

What to expect from an on-line session

  1. FREE initial 15 minute chat to discuss what you want from the session and to arrange a booking
  2. For each session, we create a goal statement – a positive statement to work towards, such as ‘I am calm and positive’
  3. I scan my lists for corrections, such as: EFT Tapping / acupressure holding points / energy procedures / emotional stress release and much more!
  4. I scan my lists for any support that’s needed after the corrections, such as: an angel card / crystals / energy grounding / affirmation books
  5. You receive an email after each session, detailing your personal recommendations

Why Work With Me?

I have 10 years experience of working as a natural healthcare practitioner. In this time I have gained great techniques to support people through changes, challenging emotions and stressful periods in their lives.

Stress / Anxiety /Fear

Having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks in my early twenties, I am passionate about supporting others in finding freedom from these difficult emotions.

I have done it myself, so I know it is possible to release old emotions that are keeping us stuck and to move forward in life with ease.

Read client reviews here.


Initial session with case history and consultation £60 (1.15 hour)

Follow up sessions £50 (1 hour)

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to contact me for more information, without obligation.

I look forward to hearing from you,


“EFT provides great healing benefits.” Deepak Chopra, MD