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Mentoring for Highly Sensitive People


Welcome sensitive person, you are in the right place.

Offering mentoring to highly sensitive people was borne out of my Kinesiology practice, where I have found sensitives are drawn to me and the work that I do... and because I am one myself.

A number of clients (men and women) are, like me, sensitive or highly sensitive people, or even empaths.

My role as mentor is to ~

  • Support, guide and inspire.
  • To share knowledge and learned experience.
  • To allow space for you to find your way.
  • To help you stay on track with goals.
Mentor for highly sensitive people

My Strengths & Areas of Expertise

Experience – 13 years in practice as a Kinesiologist, Healer and Workshop Facilitator, with a history in Management and Administration.

A history of working with highly sensitive clients therapeutically, learning from them and about their needs. Working within a framework of self care and self responsibility for both my clients and myself.

Highly Sensitive Person – A life time's experience as one! I have learned how to embrace and manage my sensitivity.

Encouragement, Support and Guidance – practical, heart-centred advice from someone who really wants to see you succeed and believes in what you do. Honesty and kindness are a given.

Mentoring can help guide and support you in owning your gifts as a sensitive person. You might want to:

  • Improve your interactions with others -  relationships at home or professionally.
  • Feel stronger in yourself to deal with different people or situations in your life.
  • Find your inner strength and easily draw on your own resources.
  • Be emotionally stable and in control.
  • Define your energy and emotions from that of others.
  • Find and establish personal boundaries.

Key Areas of Support

Getting clear and focused on positive changes you wish to make and realistic ways to achieve them.

Self confidence, self belief, self esteem and healthy ego (yes, ego can be a positive thing!).

Taking action to reach your personal vision.

Self organisation - work-life balance. Managing your time and energy levels.

If you work therapeutically with clients, learning to do so in self responsible way, to avoid burnout .

Self care and self development.

Regular support, accoutability, encouragement and knowledge sharing.

Personal and professional bounderies.

Emotional intelligence and balance.

De-cluttering your life in physical and non-physical ways.

Managing worry, anxiety in check and keeping stress levels down.

Working with a mentor means you will be accountable for taking action and will ensure you stay focused on moving towards your goals, vision and purpose.

You will learn skills for living comfortably as a sensitive person, beginning to thrive in the present moment and beyond.

Let's get started!

Mentoring Bath & Bristol

Mentoring Sessions with Tabitha

Mentoring 12 week package £720

Mentoring 8 week package £480

Mentoring 4 week package £240

Email support add £20 per session. This can be divided up. For example, you might choose fortnightly email support for weekly sessions.

Ready to find out more? Contact me to book a free, initial chat. I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Tabitha x

Tel:  07989376656 or email:

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