My professional practice has lead me to offer Mentoring. Sessions tend to be monthly, but can be more frequent if you wish.

The desire to work in this way has arisen from seeing a number of clients who are starting to work therapeutically. I was often feeling to impart more information then a bodywork session allows!

My role as mentor is to ~

  • Support, guide and inspire.
  • To share knowledge and learned experience.
  • To allow space for you to find your way.
  • To help you stay on track with goals.


Mentoring sessions work well alongside kinesiology balancing. These may be recommended in order to move past blocks to achieve your goals.


My Strengths & Areas of Expertise

Checking in with a mentor means you will be accountable for taking action and will stay focused on moving forward, towards success.


Experience – 12 years in practice as a Kinesiologist, Healer and Workshop Facilitator, with a history in Management and Administration.

Energy Work – working therapeutically and energetically with others. Working within a framework of self care and self responsibility for myself and my clients. Healing work and energy awareness.

Business Skills – All aspects of self employment and running a small business. Marketing, social media set up and use. Websites, giving talks, organisational skills needed. What works and what doesn’t.

Encouragement, Support and Guidance – practical, heart-centred advice from someone who really wants to see you succeed and believes in what you do. Honesty and kindness are a given.

Key areas I can help you with

Getting clear and focused on positive changes you wish to make and realistic ways to achieve them

Starting up or continuing as a therapist or health practitioner

Confidence and self belief

Taking action to reach your business goals

Self organisation - work-life balance. Managing your time and energy levels

Working therapeutically with your clients in self responsible way

Self development and self care

Regular support, accoutability, encouragement and knowledge in this field of work

Personal and professional bounderies

Working with bodywork / healing in an energetically safe way

Sign posting to relevant colleagues, organisations to further your development and learning

Mentoring Bath & Bristol