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Reiki in Bristol & On-line

Thank you for visiting my Reiki page.

I am currently offering Integrated Healing sessions rather than stand alone Reiki sessions, as I feel I can offer so much more to my clients!

Still healing-based, this transformational bodywork enables you access to all the good stuff in my toolbox (Kinesiology, EFT, Reiki) as we work together towards your goals. Insightful and empowering.

Visit my Appointments page for locations or give me a call for more information.


Reiki in Bristol

Reiki is one of the oldest systems of natural healing. Regular Reiki healing sessions help maintain a better sense of well-being and peace of mind, enabling you to cope better with lifes challenges.

Receiving Reiki is deeply relaxing, allowing you to let go of tension and stress and return to your centre of calm and clarity ( yes, it’s in there!)

‘I have been visiting Tabitha for around 6 months now, I cannot recommend her enough. If you are considering an appointment all I can say is book it, the results are simply amazing.

Tabitha has a wonderful way of just knowing what you need right there and then. Her gentle personality makes you feel very relaxed and at ease. I highly recommend these sessions, I find them priceless and wouldn’t be without them.’


Kinesiology in Bath & Bristol

The practitioner lightly places her hands on the client. A transfer of energy takes place, not unlike jump-leads re-charging a car battery. Old energy is released and replaced with new feelings of well-being.

How can a Reiki treatment help?

I use visualisation (or guided imagery) with Reiki. This enables you to move towards what you need from the session.

Emotional Stress Release points (light holding points on the forehead) are used as well as anything else from my ‘kinesiology tool box’ that is needed by the individual.

Chakra Balancing is included in your session.

Reiki can help you connect with your intuition. Allowing yourself time to relax and just ‘be’ promotes a more peaceful mind and more clarity. Therefore any messages or guidance from yourself are more likely to arise.

When working with clients, I am often given insights – words which are nothing to do with my own thoughts or feelings – which I believe are given by your higher self (that wise, knowing part of us), to further support you with your healing. This is not something I can guarantee – it happens when appropriate to the client.

Angel Card guidance and/or a light Essence spray (to help balance your energy field) may be used at the close of the session to provide extra support.

Sessions can be goal focused. This means that we are always working towards what you want in the short or long term. A goal can be as simple as ” I am calm and relaxed” or more specific.

My clients can request Distance Reiki Healing as needed in between sessions.

‘Tabitha has a very gentle and reassuring manner that puts you at ease immediately. Her Reiki sessions are very relaxing and give you an great sense of wellbeing. Since having Reiki and Kinesiology sessions with Tabitha I have felt calmer and more confident in dealing with personal problems.’  

M - Bristol

More about Reiki

Reiki is a natural hands on healing technique. It works by boosting the immune system and supporting the body’s own healing ability, as well as increasing a sense of relaxation and well-being.

I have received the Master Attunements twice and have been working with the healing energy of Reiki since 2005. Since then I have been refining my skills and developing my intuition. I have also found it invaluable for self healing.

Reiki evolved in Japan through the experience and dedication of a Japanese man called Dr Mikao Usui (d. 1926). ‘Reiki’ is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’ or ‘Universal Life Force’. Universal energy passes through all living things – known as ‘ki’ in Japan, ‘chi’ in China and ‘prana’ in India.

Reiki is a complementary therapy that can be practised safely alongside conventional medicine and other therapies.

Feel free to Contact me for an initial chat, without obligation.

‘I have had Reiki sessions with Tabitha for over 2 years, initially to help as a short term solution for a situation I was in. I felt the sessions to be so beneficial that I continued going to see her after the initial problem was being dealt with. The Reiki sessions give me the tools to cope with challenging day to day work and life situations moving forward.

I would highly recommend Tabitha and her Reiki practice to anyone suffering from issues in their lives, which require a bit of extra help without the use of traditional prescribed medicine.’ 

 JS - Bristol

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